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Disclaimer: Asprofin Bank Corporation

The information on this website is directed at and made available to the operations of ASPROFIN BANK CORPORATION ('The Bank') in Dominica only. The Bank is not related, affiliated or associated with any other entities outside of Dominica. Any representation suggesting any form of relation, affiliation or association, expressly or implied, with The Bank by any third party individuals, entities or organizations outside the jurisdiction of The Bank are prohibited, unauthorised and invalid. Clients and customers of The Bank are strictly advised to verify such representations or suggestions with The Bank prior to conducting or committing to any transactions. Presently, the third party entities passing off their business under the name or trade or identity as 'ASPROEX' or 'ASPMEX' and claiming to be an associate of The Bank are not authorised and/or related, associated or affiliated to The Bank in any way whatsoever. The Bank makes no representation, endorsements or warranties either expressly or implied, with respect to any website operated or services offered by an unauthorized third party stating business names similar to The Bank.

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