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Financial Services Unit

Any Offshore Bank which is not listed on the FSU’s website is not a licensed and authorized financial institution in Dominica.

Offshore Banks


1Click 2Go Bank and Trust Ltd

Activa Bank & Trust Corporation

Asprofin Bank Corporation

Barnett Capital Bank

Cathedral Investment Bank (CIB) Americas Bank Inc

Commonwealth Bank

Compass Bank & Trust Corporation

Finext Eastern Bank Corporation formerly Digi Bank Corporation formerly Arton Bank Corporation

Ferz Global Bank

iBank Corporation

EQIBANK Limited formerly Interoceanic Bank of the Caribbean Inc

Paxum Bank Limited

Standard Commerce Bank Ltd.

Zuma Bank Corporation

The Kingdom Bank Corporation

Growmore International Bank & Trust Inc.

AXIA Capital Bank Ltd.

Guardian International Bank & Trust Corporation




Asa Bank & Trust Pursuant to S.R.O. 13 of 2016

FGC Bank & Trust Pursuant to S.R.O. 12 of 2016

Brilla Bank & Trust Corporation Pursuant to S.R.O. 9 of 2017

Banco Transatlantico ( Formerly Griffon Bank Ltd) Pursuant to S.R.O. 10 of 2017